What’s the hurry?

We are living in an age that idolizes speed. To say we are the microwave generation is probably an understatement. Life seems to be in a constant state of hurry from one thing to another.

It is interesting to see how this has affected training for church leaders. Degree programs are being aggressively shortened, and marketing touts the degrees as useful in getting people onto the field of ministry faster. I think time will tell, but there are inherent risks in rushing through the process of preparation.

I saw a documentary recently on, of all things, sushi makers. The focus was on one of the oldest training grounds in the world for sushi makers in Japan. Students train for seven years, and even then, not everyone succeeds at being an official sushi maker. If people take something like sushi making that seriously, why are so eager to cut corners in training church leaders?

There is biblical precedent in examples like the preparation of Paul in service to the Lord for these things taking time. I am not in any way an advocate of an artificial timetable of any length, whether short or long. What I am an advocate of is proper preparation. To do things well, it just takes time.

What’s the hurry?

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