Characteristics of a Movement

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I have been thinking a lot lately about the characteristics of a ministry or mission movement. What are the characteristics that make the difference in going beyond the routine of ministry or mission and result in a movement?

First, in part at least, it must be organic in nature. This does not preclude strategy, planning, or structure. There must be a movement among the people who are involved in it so that it not only takes root but also takes flight.

Second, there needs to be multiplication in the DNA of the movement. Multiplication of the work takes place which causes it to advance and expand. Along with this, there will be a multiplication of leaders. More leaders empower more work to be done.

Third, the structure and resourcing of the movement need to be sustainable. This is particularly true when financial resources are in play. If structure and resourcing are complicated or externally driven the movement may not be sustainable.

Fourth, it is important to understand movements often have life cycles. So if we intend to continue the greater ministry or mission, adaptability is important. What worked in terms of methodology a decade ago may not be as applicable today. What works today may not be effective ten years from now.

I do not want to be satisfied with what is comfortable. I want to strive for excellence and be as effective as possible. Life is short and I want to leverage influence as effectively as possible for the movement of the Gospel.

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